The Texas Cultural Trust’s Board of Directors is a state-wide governing board comprised of a diverse group of industry and business leaders, arts patrons and artists, who are passionate about the impact and potential utilization of the arts to benefit the state of Texas. They are charged with guiding the Trust’s long-term financial stability and strategic direction, and leading TCT’s programs and initiatives.

2015-2016  Board of Directors

Judy Robison, Chair, El Paso
Linda LaMantia, Vice Chair, Laredo
Marvin Blum, Treasurer, Fort Worth
Leslie Ward, Secretary, Austin
Charles Matthews
, Immediate Past Chair, Dallas
Karen Oswalt, At-Large, Austin
Kelli Blanton, At-Large, Houston

Anita Arnold, Texarkana
John Beckworth, Austin
Ray Benson, Austin
Leslie Blanton, Houston
Michelle Brock, Midland
Ernest Butler, Austin
Greg Davis, Dallas
Patricia Hamilton Dewhurst, Houston
Patsy Donosky, Dallas
Wayne Fisher, Houston
Alice Carrington Foultz, San Antonio
Linda Gibbons, Dallas
Sandra Gilliland, Amarillo
Gayle Hunt, El Paso
Alexis Hunter, Corpus Christi
Gene Jones, Dallas
Kathleen R. Kennedy, San Antonio
Carole Krist, Houston
Dawn Leatherwood, Tyler
Mary Hammon Lee, Houston
Mary Lamar Leyendecker, Laredo
Bill Lively, Dallas
Nancy Loeffler, San Antonio
Sharon McCullough, Dallas
Guillermo Nicolas, San Antonio
Kay Olson, Waco
Kay Sanford, Lubbock
Tania Schwartz, El Paso
Laura Street, Amarillo
Brian Sweany, Austin
John Mack Wallace, Fredericksburg
Mark Watson, San Antonio
Andrea White, Houston
Pam Willeford, Austin

Donna Axum Whitworth, Fort Worth
Chair Emeritus, Texas Women for the Arts

Jocelyn Straus, San Antonio
Chair Emeritus, Texas Medal of Arts Awards